kmz maps of New York Central’s West Side Freight Line

Three kmz files containing georeferenced images of Bromley and Sanborn plates that cover Manhattan’s West Side Freight Line and environment at different times before and after construction of the High Line. All reference images are included in the file, not downloaded via network links, so that user can edit the images and operate the file offline.

File opens to display only a key to the reference images. Image loading works best if user turns on the images individually, a few at a time, and waits for those to load before turning on more images; attempting to load all images simultaneously by turning on the folder that contains them will possibly crash Google Earth. Opacity adjustment works best when applied to the folder containing the images rather than individually to each image.

Sanborn 1911

download (24 MB)


Bromley 1921-1923

download (176 MB)


Bromley 1955

download (150 MB)


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