kmz map of Peru railways

Kmz map of four railway systems in Peru: FC Central Andino, PeruRail, Southern Copper Corp, and FC Tacna-Arica. Includes all current main and road tracks, some secondary and yard tracks, and abandoned tracks of predecessor, tributary, and other related systems.

File opens to display only objects that represent railroad facilities and structures. For visual clarity, certain other features do not display on file open, but these can be displayed manually by clicking the relevant folders in the file’s internal folder structure.

These features include:

– Labels, including stations and bridge / tunnel designations.

– Images, displayed as georeferenced thumbnails with a link that will display online content within Google Earth when the link is clicked. Of particular note is the photography of Jean-Marc Frybourg, which comprises an essential visual record of railroading in Peru in recent years; view his work at

– Engineering analyses, showing grade and curvature calculations of select parts of certain lines. Of particular note are the engineering standards of the Pachitea line, which suggest that the project was much greater in scope, scale, and vision than published sources have described.

– Datum diagram, found in folder “Peru railways>meta>datum diagram”, shows the date of the aerial imagery against which the objects and placemarks were originally drawn.

Corrections and comments are encouraged; find author contact information in the “meta” folder.

Check back for updates and additions.

download (5.5 MB)

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